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Here we post some of the problems, tasks and solutions our IT professionals have dealt with in the past.

I hope you find them useful for your own troubleshooting.

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New office move – Box equipment – Setup new office

12/22: User1 was unable to open a file downloaded from healthcare site. Went to office and found the file downloading was incorrect and was not associated with any viewer. Found correct file, Downloaded as PDF.
12/24: Box east and west offices to be ready for move on Saturday. Disconnect each computer/monitor/external drive/switch/router/modem, Bubble wrap each item, make and label each box. Could not remove patch panels in east office due to not having access to necessary equipment after hours.
12/26: Returned to east office in the morning with tools to remove patch panels. Found Dr.X there with a Comcast technician who was trying to get internet setup at the new office. Went to new office with patch panels and all equipment to assist. Removed old windstream modem and mounted new equipment. Tested phones and internet working but only phones from east office were available. Dr.X temporarily forwarded his west office to the east office number to resolve.
12/27: Setup entire server room. Punch down all internet drops to the patch panels I brought from east and west offices. Setup racks for servers, unbox and setup all equipment. Configure router to new settings, setup wifi.


Diagnose dragon Setup old PC again

12/07: User1 said Dr. X was having errors with dragon crashing and not responding on his new laptop.  Diagnosed and found Dragon medical edition is not compatible with Windows 10. Contacted Nuance and found there are no current or scheduled updates for their software. Dr.X asked if I can install WIndows7 on his new PC but since it is so new there are no Windows 7 drivers available. Made changes to compatibility settings for Dragon and had Dr.X test again during the week.

12/11: Dr.X still having issues with dragon crashing and could not use it any more. Came to office and removed new laptop. Reinstalled dragon on old laptop and setup docking bay and old equipment again. Will continue to work with Dr.X to try to get Dragon working correctly on new PC.

Add webcams PDF Printing Setup faxinbox

Went to local store and purchased two webcams for office. Setup webcam on each front office computer and enable for use with ECW, tested working. Add print to PDF capability to each computer. Fix ECW fax inbox by editing the configuration file to point to the correct location, then copy that config to the program files folder for each PC.

PM Office, user1 unable to open zip file Report for Dr. X computers

PM update office computers. User1 was unable to open a zip file due to winzip asking to be purchased to continue to work. Uninstalled winzip and added 7zip, showed user1 how to use. Dr. X asked me to evaluate office computers for upgrades, to which I found only one old printer which needs upgrading.


User1 Outlook not working

User1 contacted me with issues opening her office computers email. Remote login to her PC to find several instances of outlook.exe in process manager. Terminated processes and restarted Outlook, tested email working.


setup new laptop

11/30: Doctor X purchased a new laptop to replace his main office PC. Setup new PC, add all software and printers. Since the new laptop does not fit docking bay and only had one HDMI output, it was necessary to purchase an external video card to have dual DVI output to his monitors. Helped User1 select the correct cables to buy from amazon and purchased.

12/4: User1 informed me the cabling had arrived for new laptop. Setup new external video card and made it work in conjunction with a DVI to HDMI cable to enable his Dual DVI setup. Help User1 add new users to User2 laptop.


Make new cable Add switch

Create new cable for network to go around new furniture. Use extra cat5e to make extra long patch cable and connect the docotor’s PC to network. Found one of the technicians who setup the TV disconnected the cable I ran for his computer from the modem to plug his equipment in. Setup switch I previously purchased in anticipation of this, added switch and reconnected all cabling.

Fix Doc printer Fix RDP Diagnose loud PC

Doc’s printer was not printing on any PC. Removed from his printers and delete queue, add printer again and share. Re-added printer on user1 PC to fix. Login to the home PC and fix RDP settings to enable Doc to connect to his office PC. Diagnose front office loud PC. Fan inside PC is turning very loudly, dusted PC and all fans/heatsinks. Reboot PC, noise goes away but comes back throughout the day. Advised to monitor PC for heat and inform me if fan fails.


Add Bethesda to computers Fix timeclock webpage

Office manage called and asked me to help add Bethesda website capability to several computers. Setup Bethesda proprietary software on front desk laptop, front desk new PC and OM laptop. Created icons on each users desktop for easy access. User1 was having problems using the timeclock website. Fixed by adding website to compatibility view, it was able to render the webpage correctly.

Diagnose internet PM Office Install Chrome

« on: October 07, 2015, 03:43:08 AM »
PM update office computers. Diagnose all equipment working well. Checked for new firmware for router but it was already at latest and checked UPS batteries all showing positive charge levels. Install Chrome browser on all PC’s and uninstall Dragon Medical software from room4 PC per User1 request.

Modify message

Setup emails for each PC Clean PC for home use

9/29: West office, helped all users find old emails and setup new email accounts on each PC. User1 asked me to prepare one of his laptops for home use. PM laptop and removed all proprietary software then removed from domain and joined workgroup.

9/30: East office, Add new email accounts to each PC in office and help users access the new page. Cleaned front desk PC’s for excessive dust with can of compressed air.


User1 no internet, Add new printer and E-med keeps disconnecting

10/6: Diagnose User1 laptop no internet. Found that E-med tech person had disabled the wifi on User1’s PC. Re-enable and connected to internet. Diagnose connection to Emed practice. Spoke with E-med tech support to find Chrome browser has problems with E-med. Changed those computers running Chrome to use Firefox instead.

10/8: Called HP to find the printer was out of warranty and too expensive to repair. Looking through the back storage room area, I found an extra printer, connected and replaced the HP officejet. I also found a new toner which I installed into the printer. Added printer to User2 nurse station PC and since it is a USB only printer, I had to share it from her PC, recommended to buy a network printer for that location. Added and test printed from each workstation. Some RDP/VMWare connections were not seeing the printer since it was a USB share, I installed tsprint to resolve.



New Comcast install

Setup new modem and routers. Turn off wifi from Comcast modem and maintain wifi from our routers. Test computers working and internet speed at over 80 megabit.

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ECW support Speak to User1

Talked to office manager User1, to try to resolve some issues with ecw and other small items around office. Contacted ecw support and found some issues were still present in billing and claim filing. Support elevated ticked to a higher level tech for further support. Diagnose User2 PC running slowly. Found multiplpe issues, the computer had not been updated recently and was also running two different free antivirus programs. Uninstall one and PM computer. Reported to User1 that User2 PC was slow also because it was a very small form factor computer, compromising on performance for size and she told me her current IT company recommended that PC. Also spoke to User1 about saving some money in different areas by changing the way they do backups, email accounts and printing.





 Diagnose internet

Diagnose network with User1. Had her reset devices and it came back up temporarily. Called Comcast and asked for refresh signal to the modem. Signal sent and I had User1 reset the router one more time and the network came back up.

Sounds like we need to escalate this issue with Comcast

Etenet not working on User1 PC

PM update office computers. Due to windows 8, the latest Internet Explorer does not load Etenet and was previously resolved by running Chrome browser with Java plugin. As of this month, Chrome no longer supports the NPAPI protocol when loading a java plugin. To fix, setup and test Firefox as the default Etenet browser.

 User1 unable to print from RDP

Login to User1 PC, find driver for the three different model printers requested. Install a print to file printer for each printer to add the driver to the system. Checked box in RDP connection resources tab to carry over local printers for remote session.

User1 unable to login to User2 PC

User1 needed to use User2 PC but unable due to error on login stating the trust relationship between the server and the workstation could not be acquired. Diagnosed PC and found only cached users were able to login. Found all settings to be correct and was able to ping between each PC. Removed PC from domain, renamed workstation, rebooted and joined domain. User1 was able to login to PC afterwards.


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