October 30, 2018

Internet Speed Test Results and what do they mean

Internet Speed Test

Welcome to MC-Networks Internet Speed Test.  This Internet Speed Test is designed to test your Download Speed, Upload Speed, Ping and Jitter.  After running your test you will get a reading for these four gauges and additional information like your IP address and the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  This test works with HTML5 and so you don’t need to use java or flash and it works on all devices, including tablets and phones.  To test your computer’s Internet Speed click HERE or on the image below.  Once you are on the test page simply click on the “Start” button.

What does the Internet Speed Test do?

This Internet Speed Test will test your Internet connection speed, including other information like latency (ping) and jitter, download speed and upload speed.  These values will affect the quality of your VoiP (Voice Over IP), teleconferencing, streaming, gaming and more… Unlike other speed test websites, we don’t use ads, flash or java.  Instead, we use a more compatible code using HTML5.  While the test is in progress you will see the gauges activate.  These meters will give you information in real time while the test is running.

What affects my Internet Speed?

You should first test each device in your home or office to make sure they all give similar values.  If one of the devices give higher or lower readings check for problems like viruses, etc… You can check several things on devices that are not giving the expected results:

  1. Check for network congestion.  The more devices on a network the more they all compete for the available bandwidth and network resources.
  2. Check your wires!  Poor results can be due to loose connections, poor wiring or old network appliances and cables.
  3. Update your hardware.  Old devices can severely affect your network and internet speeds.

This test aims at giving you the tools you need to effectively know your Internet speed, quality of connection, frequency of data packages, public IP address and other useful information.

What do my test results mean?

  1.  Latency and Ping: The time it takes a data package in milliseconds to go from your computer to the server and back.  You want this values as low as possible.
  2.  Jitter: The measurement of consecutive ping test, packages being sent and received.  You want this value as low as possible.
  3.  Download Speed:  How many bits per second can be downloaded from the server.
  4.  Upload Speed:  How many bits per second can be uploaded to the server.

How can I improve my connection?

In order to work efficiently now a days, you need a network and the Internet connection that is reliable and high speed.  There are a couple of things you can do to to improve your connection and work with the best speeds possible.

  1.  Run our Internet Speed TestRunning our speed test is the first thing you can do to find out what speed you currently have.  If your results are satisfactory you don’t need to worry.
  2. If you receive results that are not satisfactory, you may want to double check if any computer of device is currently using the bandwith.  Maybe something is uploading or downloading a lot of data.  You should make a list of every device that connects to the network and using the Internet.
  3. Do not use a wireless connection to run the test.  Instead, you want to plug in directly to your router, switch or modem.  This will eliminate any other issues that can be dealt with separately.
  4. If you still are getting unsatisfactory results, the issue is probably with your ISP.  You should contact them to check what you should be getting.  Remember that the problem can also be internal on your network, computer or device.
  5. To run the test, you will want to connect directly to the router.  If the results of the test are satisfactory, but you still have undesirable results from some computers, your problem may be on the network and the devices.
  6. Following all your wiring.  You will want to run the same test on all the computers in the office and document their results.  This will help you find out what is causing problems on the network.  Sometimes the problem can be easily corrected by changing a network card or upgrade drivers.

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