Front Camera Security Cover


 Introducing Front Camera Security Covers! 

Protect yourself, family and information by blocking your easy to access front video camera.

The front cameras of your laptops, tablets and  smart phones are easily accessed using available malware downloadable from the Internet.

To protect yourself, simply slide this security cover over your video camera and have a peace of mind that your camera is blocked.  

This device is safe and it won’t scratch your video camera compared to putting a piece of tape.  


When  you use tape to cover your camera the lens can become scratched or damaged from the glue on the tape.

About this Product

Before anything, Thank you for stopping by! Please share this product with all your family and friends!    It is important that all front cameras should be covered!

 I want to bring awareness to the out of control access of our communication devices!  Access to our front camera is easier than you think.  It does not matter if you use a mac or pc, android or iOS all cameras are easily accessible!  

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 A little bit about me.  

 I’m a network security expert and know how easy it is for hackers and governments to access the front camera on laptops, tablets and smart phones.  This front camera security cover is used to cover the front camera of these devices to keep your privacy.  

 The front camera cover is for your laptop, tablet and smart phone webcam. Just clip it on when you don’t want to be spied upon by hackers and governments! Fits most sizes from thin to medium thick laptops, tablets and phone screens.

 The idea behind it,  is to block unathorized access to your front camera and prevent recordings.  For example in a medical office this would be a big problem if patient records are being viewed.  Or, at home with your family and kids.  You don’t want unathoriised access to your front camera from some stranger,  hacker or government agency.

 If you like your privacy, then you’d be on the safe side with this front camera cover for your webcam. Because I’ll be honest, its easier than you think to remotely turn your video camera on!

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