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Here at MC-Networks we want to make sure you are actively backing up critical business data so you can feel protected in the face of the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape.  MC-Networks will help you find the solution that has everything you need to make your backup process safe!

It’s called  IBackup Advantage, and it includes:

  • Scheduling, compression, encryption
  • Web-based access to your account
  • Backups across platforms and databases
  • Flexibility
  • Versioning

Ransomware Roundup: Employees Shouldering the Costs of Recovery

A survey of 1,000 office workers conducted by Intermedia concluded that 59% of employees who had been hit by a ransomware attack ended up paying the ransom out of their own pocket, while only 37% said that their employer covered the cost. So what does this mean?

Apart from learning how to detect an attempted attack, employees must also be trained in the appropriate course of action to take if they are infected. It would seem that too many employees – whether it’s due to shame or embarrassment – feel the responsibility to pay the ransom out of their own pocket and hope nobody finds out, rather than deal with any consequences that could arise from their employers.

The rise in ransomware is being fueled by individuals and organizations who are willing to pay the costs to recover their data, which only enables the criminals to continue their attacks. It’s important for employees to be confident that there are ways to recover without paying the ransom, such as a reliable backup, and have clearly laid out steps for them to take if/when their computer becomes infected.

Don’t be caught scrambling to recover in case your data is compromised. A solid disaster recovery plan with MC-Networks can give you a peace of mind that your data will be accessible, even when disaster strikes.


The MC-Networks Backup Team

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