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Massive Cyber-attacks are affecting companies globally!  Here at Medical Computer Networks, Inc we are closely monitoring the situation and supporting customers to ensure they have the best possible protection.

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A group called Shadow Brokers released the tools  used to do the Cyber-attacks.  The American agencies, CIA, FBI and NSA created these tools (weapons).  Cyber-criminals can now download and use these tools!   A group called Shadow Brokers stole and released this weapons to the public.

Cyber-attacks are nothing new, they  have been around for some time now.  Viruses and malware have always been a threat to computers.  Before the Internet, viruses and malware were spread using  floppy disks.

The Internet has facilitated cyber-attacks and tir reach and amount of computers that can be infected.  Today A teenage kid can download programs to attack websites and much more.  The punishment for some cyber attacks is way to high for some of the cases!

Not all Cyber-attacks are created equal!

An activist  can block access to a company website to show discontent.  Blocking access to a website is called DDOS attack.  The punishment for an activist that does a DDOS attack  is up to 15 years in prison!  It is crazy to punish this long for this type of attack!  A DDOS attack is the equivalent to a sit in at a city hall.  Which all it does is prevent people from accessing the building.  This type of cyber-attack should not be punished the way it is…

Cyber-attacks are of many shapes and sizes… A Cyber-attack that locks away your computer and encrypts files and demands a ransom for unlocking your files does deserve a punishment of 15 years in jail.

We now know the difference between some of the Cyber-attacks out there.  How can we protect ourselves?

The answer is actually very simple.

  1.  Keep a licensed copy of windows updated and patched.  Make sure you always use a version of windows that Microsoft supports.  Make sure to upgrade all your Windows XP computers!
  2. Have a good Antivirus software installed and updated!  Having an Antivirus installed and not updated is as good as not having one!
  3.  Keep several copies of your data!  Backup, means file replication.  Have copies of your files online, on your computer and on external drives.  External drives should always be rotated.  Viruses will also affect external drives connected to your computer or server!

Here’s everything you need to know to bolster your defenses against any potential second-wave of this attack, including recommendations for your Trend Micro products. This is being updated as the research teams of Trend Micro, the Antivirus software we have used and recommended for the past 15 years!

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