Are we safe anymore?

WannaCry screen capture

WannaCry screen capture

With the current revelations of the hacks in Europe and possibly soon United States and every country in the world that runs on Windows.  Are we safe anymore!?

This latest ransomeware WannaCry hack has brought Computer Network Security one notch higher!

With the availability of systems of currencies like Bitcoin, which is the payment form used for the latest ramsomware WannaCry… To the wide spread of the Internet.  Money and governments developing programs to infiltrate these computers, has brought us more PROBLEMS than SOLUTIONS!

Just like we now have more problems because of nuclear weapons that if we didn’t even have them!  But, for now lets leave that for another post… Although all this kind of all links together.

That brings us to Cyberattacks!

The latest Cyberattack that occured using the malware WannaCry  is of a magnitude that only can be created by big governments with a lot of funding, like U.S.A.

It is  known that the creation or the origins of the  malware WannaCry and other cyber weapons come from the CIA and FBI as revealed on the wikileaks documents that these cyberweapons where stolen from these institutions… Which were all  paid with tax payer money!   Now these weapons are out in the wild being used by other nations that otherwise would not have had the resources and money to develop them…

I’ll compare it really quick to BIG BOY!

It’s like creating the nuclear bomb… We don’t really know when someone else would of discovered how to make it.  It could of been a long time!  Maybe even hundreds of years before another nation with less resources would of discovered how to make a nuke!  And by then, the human race would of had a little more time to mature as  a race to be able to control it… Or use it properly… The ability of United States to be able to pour unlimited amount of money into research and development of any kind and come up with these weapons is quite unique the history of the world!

So, because of this uniqueness it is not justified to invest all this money to stay ahead of the curve!  There is no one else driving!  We are the only ones that could develop them… So why fear that an individual or even nations can divert so much money to programs like this…

If the reason for the United States to go after these programs is in order to stay ahead technologically, I believe it is absurd… Because just by creating these weapons we are creating them for everyone!  !

So, just as we invented the nuclear bomb and soon after that other countries started developing their own programs. Either by using the same plans the U.S.A spent millions of $$ to develop or their own.  Most likely they got  stolen, passed, shared, bought, copied or even faxed around the top bidders…

And here we are now… in a digital world where technology controls almost every aspect of our life… From banking so we can get paid and buy food, to the electricity we so much love to have in order to light up the night…

Where does it leave us?  What can we do?!

To start:

  1.  Make sure to keep your computers updated and patched up!
  2.  Keep a valid antivirus also updated!  Having an antivirus not updated is as good as not having one!
  3.  Have a good reliable backup! The backup should be checked and verified routinely! This is very important!

Because there are zero day viruses and malware, it is unknown what way the Internet and anything connected can be attacked…

Updates and patches are only good once the vulnerability is discovered… It is a Cat and Mouse Game!

So, from the list above, number 3 is the most important and the first one you should do right now!  A good backup is what will save you when all else fails…

I’ll leave it up to here for now…

How to do updates, what Antivirus to use or should you backup online or to an external drive are questions that the answer will vary from one person or business to another…

If you have any questions regarding this post or anything that is related to it feel free to reach out to me directly here.  I’ll do my best to get back to your questions asap.

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Thank you for reading!

My name is Clement Machado.  I’m currently the president of Medical Computer Networks, an IT consulting company  based out of Jupiter, Florida in business since 2003.  We provide customized IT services to a diverse selection of offices in Palm Beach County, FL.   I personally  have worked in the banking and healthcare IT sector for many years including  7 years in the semi conductor industry.  I hold several certifications in network security, windows security, cisco firewalls and many more!

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