July 11, 2014



IT Solutions, Data Recovery, Backup Solutions and now Blockchain Document Management

Trusted for over 20 years!

Mission Statement

Twenty-one years of experience in the industry has shown us how to do IT  right!  We  implement and closely follow the industry best practices for every customer.

By closely sticking to these standards, we are able to provide the highest quality customer service.  We also only sell you what you need! With MC-Networks, you can finally trust a technology provider/advisor.

MC-Networks foundation is built on it’s strong customer relationships and customer service! As a client, when you choose MC-Networks, you are choosing a total end to end I.T. solution.

We will be happy to provide you with contact information  to ask any of our clients about our services!  A lot of our clients have been with us for many years…

Why Medical Computer Networks

When you choose MC-Networks to be your partner, you are choosing a provider who offers most IT services in house but can leverage strategic partnerships for specific needs. MC-Networks utilizes industry best practices to work alongside you and develop a customized, cost-effective and efficient IT strategy for your office.

When MC-Networks’ approach is used correctly, your technology assists your employees to become more efficient, giving your business the potential to produce more profit than it does today. However, it does take expertise, and the best place to find the information and assistance you need is from MC-Networks. Below are six ways that we can help you make more money:

1)    Shift from Reactive to Proactive
2)    Control IT costs
3)    Reduce labor costs
4)    Expert assurance
5)    Security & Compliance
6)    Unburden client’s staff for business work, not IT work

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